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dr-moira-kelowna-veterinarianDr. Moira

After graduation from veterinary college in 1987, I first worked in Vancouver, B.C. for 4 years and then moved to Kelowna in 1990. I purchased a practice there, started a family, bought a farm, bought some llamas, horses, goats, chickens, and life was good. In or around 1997, my practice philosophy took quite a turn to one that encompassed a more holistic bent.

It started with learning more about vaccinations for children, and the possibility that they weren’t all they were cracked up to be, and it spread to the management of my patients. So I sold the Rutland Pet Hospital in 1998, took a Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy and started Pawsitive Veterinary Care in 2000. I must say that this style of practice, the holistic approach, is far more satisfying as a veterinarian than a strictly conventional approach to health and disease.

I can honestly say, subjectively, that those individuals who follow our recommendations for vaccines, diets, and choice of treatments for their pets ailments have some of the healthiest pets I have ever seen on the whole. It is wonderful to see! I would love to be able to play a role in the education process of every pet owner around the globe and with this web site, that can be accomplished. Feel free to invite others to the site and to link to this site from your web site if it is a good fit.

Pawsitive-Vet-Care-Kelowna-Team (10)Dr. Mike Lavroff

I am a husband to my wife Janine whom I have known since I was two. We have 4 children, 3 of which are now adults with their own children, but we still have an eleven year old daughter at home. In addition to a lovely English Golden retriever, we also have 2 horses which is a shared passion for my youngest daughter and I and a wonderful opportunity for us to spend time together almost every day.

I have been a veterinarian for 31 years now and, unfortunately (although I’ve always been open-minded), I did not truly open my eyes to the benefits of holistic nutrition and medicine until the last 5 or 6 years.  However, I have finally realized that there is a difference between making animals (and people!) feel better and actually making them healthier! Although they certainly have their place, drugs/pharmaceuticals will never make anyone truly healthier. True health comes from the inside and can only be accomplished when the body is provided with optimal nutrition, a healing environment, and supportive treatment methods. Examples of supportive healing methods are: acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, laser therapy, body talk, detox therapy, and herbal treatment. Each of these can help free the body from unnecessary burdens and allow it to function properly.

I have been working part-time at Pawsitive Veterinary Care for the last two or more years. Working there has been really rewarding for me as I see animals move from a condition of chronic poor health to a state of true wellness. Unfortunately, this is not always easy or uniformly successful as we are dealing with a host of genetic weaknesses, environmental toxicity (which animals are more prone to than humans), as well as the effects of over-vaccination and over-medication. Nevertheless, I find my new work much more gratifying and the Pawsitive Team refreshing and fun to work with!


Hi, I’m Lanna. I have been working as an assistant in various animal hospitals since 2012, and not once has the thought of changing careers crossed my mind. I graduated from the Veterinary Technology program at Douglas College in 2016, and became a Registered Veterinary Technician later that summer.

Holistic and alternative medicine were not very prominent topics in my schooling, and I’ll admit that Pawsitive Veterinary Care was not where I expected to find myself just one year later! Luckily, the overwhelming friendliness, open-mindedness and pawsitive attitudes of the doctors and staff made it very easy to settle in and begin exploring holistic pet care. I have now found my place in between traditional and natural approaches to medicine and continue to find satisfaction each and every day with what we do. I live for anesthesia, dentistry, and giving free cuddles to every dog and cat I meet!


My name is Emily and I took the Veterinarian Hospital Assistant program at the Center for Arts and Technology in 2015. Before I even graduated my program I knew that I wanted to work at Pawsitive Veterinary Care and in January of 2017 I started my position at my dream job! My love for holistic animal care started with my pitbull “Nova”, she struggled with relentless food and seasonal allergies that went unresolved up until switching her to a raw

diet, something that most conventional practices wouldn’t suggest. Her allergies seemed to disappear instantly! After seeing results firsthand, I found my new love of alternative medicine.


I’ve always found myself involved in things that appear to be nontraditional or outside of the box. Whether that be my unconventional beliefs in spirituality and energy, advocating for bully breeds or bringing home 3 toed cats, the diversity makes my soul feel at home.


I have been a client of Dr. Moira’s for approximately 15 years. I met Dr. Moira when our kids attended elementary school together. I immediately liked her policy on minimal vaccinations as I had a cat that had many health issues because I did what every main stream person does and had my pets vaccinated back in Edmonton.

My love of animals came when I was just 5 and our mother bought us a Siamese kitten for Christmas. Then my love grew on a much grander scope when I first saw the movie Born Free. I have since come to believe that the animals on this planet are here to teach us about Love and Understanding.

Dr. Moira had offered me a position many times over the years to come and work with her, each time my schedule would not permit. Finally when I was ready in the early part of 2011, I was fortunate in a position becoming available to do Laser Light Therapy on animals. I joined the Pawsitive team June of 2011, and am thrilled to work in such a gratifying field.


Hi, my name is Claudia. I joined the Pawsitive Veterinary team as a Veterinary Office Assistant in February 2014, and in April 2017 I became the Office Manager. I graduated from the Veterinary Medical Receptionist program at Olds College in April 2013. I love animals and grew up surrounded by them, so it was an easy decision for me to decide on the field of work I wanted to get into. I absolutely love the Holistic side to Veterinary Medicine and I would never go back to the other way of thinking. I have learned so much since working here!I love that I am around animals in my work life and personal life, all day and every day.

I have 2 fur children (cats) in my life named Lyric and Jax. I rescued both of them when they were each 15 weeks old. Lyric is a sweet little long hair tabby, and Jax is a troublemaker of a boy, but also the best at cuddling! When I am not working my hobbies include horseback riding, hiking, and exploring.

I look forward to meeting and helping you and your furry family!


My name is Kristina, I joined the Pawsitive team in May of 2014. I have been working in the animal industry for the past 22 years. The majority of that time I spent working for the SPCA and the Langley Animal Protection Society as an Animal Control Officer. I have an 11 yr old English Mastiff named Neela who has been my side kick since she was 8 weeks old. This is what brought me to Dr. Moira. A lack of knowledge led me to spaying her too early and at 18 month of age she developed urinary incontinence. For years I treated it with conventional medicine which was quite costly.

When I moved back to Kelowna, I started looking for a more natural way of controlling Neela’s incontinence and called Pawsitive. During my appointment I was really impressed with how much I learned and how much sense Dr. Moira’s approach to veterinary medicine was. Then the strangestthing happened. She offered me a job! I started the next day! It was a huge learning curve but I have enjoyed all that I have learned and am still learning from Dr. Moira and Dr. Mike. On my down time I enjoy my traveling, floral designing and gardening.



My day job is actually that of a teacher and coach at Immaculata High School since 1990 and I also ref basketball here in Kelowna and the Valley. However, I have been my wife Moira’s unpaid and overworked hospital do-it-all guy for 26 years now and counting! I see the passion and dedication she puts in to her clients and patients often coming in, with me in tow, after hours for emergencies and always available for texts and e-mails.

She has always tried to keep her fees as fair as possible so that pet owners can afford to get the needed work done on their furry friends without breaking the bank. Together, we have built up what I look at as a fun, successful practice with great staff that I can see is very satisfying to operate holistically.


lizDr.Liz (Chiropractor)

Did you know that humans aren’t the only species that can benefit from Chiropractic treatment?

There’s nothing worse for pet owners than to see your four legged friend in pain. Animals can suffer from surprisingly similar problems as humans do including but not limited to; sprain/strain injuries, arthritis, disc disease, neck and jaw problems.

Doesn’t it make sense then that Chiropractic adjustments may help animals too?

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