As a vet Kelowna, Dr. Moira and her staff are known for their innovated holistic approach. Clients bring their pets to Pawsitive Veterinary Care because of the trust and care they provide to their pets. We are pleased to know our holistic services is beneficial to our clients and their pets.

All natural Veterinary care that advocates raw diet for your pet! Friendly and amazing staff!! And ultimately respects the wishes of the client .. They remember we are customers and we decide what is best for our pets.
Sheena Walker

Words can’t express my gratitude towards Dr. Moira and her caring staff. Treating us like family rather than the strangers we were two days ago. Thank you.
Joey Colangelo

Most pawsitive pet care I have ever experienced…these people saved my puppy’s life, so grateful to all the staff and especially Dr Moire, their expertise & client service is incredible. Thanks to all.
Robin Orser

In this day and age of getting less for more, the peace of mind that comes from having a Veterinarian that does their own on call/after hours is huge. Thank you Dr. Moira (Pawsitive Veterinary Care).
Kellie Howe

28 years we have had dogs. Seen many a vet in that time and Dr. Moira is by far the best, no contest! (a little rhyme there for ya) Thank you to all at Pawsitive Vet Care.
Wayne-Heather Bryant

Thank you once again to all the ladies at pawsitive veterinary care…After the painful decision of putting our bailey to rest , i just wanted to say thank you for all support and the beautiful card i received in the mail…it truly brightened my day….you all make a HUGE difference in this world…thank you for caring…
Chrissy Zelman

Dear Dr. Moira and Staff,
Thank you so very much for the successful surgery of our lovely dog Zenzei. You and your staff are amazing, caring people. The kindness we received during that difficult time was outstanding. Thank you for giving Zenzei her health and happiness back.
Much love,
Annegret’s Chocolates