Icky Ticks In BC

Icky Ticks In BC Tick season is in full swing as of March and I already found one crawling on my shirt after a walk in Wilden, almost about to launch onto my skin and head North to my head! I don't know about any of you, but I reeeaaaalllly don't like ticks and other...

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Spring Time Pet Safety Tips

Spring Time Pet Safety Tips Spring is here, and with it comes new life in the form of plants and flowers. While some people have outdoor seasonal allergies, we do not always recognize our pets adverse reactions to some plants and flowers. Cats and dogs both love to...

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The Top 4 Secrets to Better Teeth for Your Pet

The Top 4 Secrets to Better Teeth for Your Pet This article might well have been titled The Top 4 Secrets to Spending Less at the Vet! It stands to reason that if you can maintain the health of your pets’ teeth without having them professionally cleaned by a Kelowna...

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Indoor Exercises for your Dog

Indoor Exercises for your Dog A dog is a great companion for families and individuals. They are adorable and stick with you through thick and thin. In order to keep your dog healthy, vets in Kelowna recommend they need exercise just like we do. Sometimes you just...

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Keep Your Pets Safe During the Holiday Season

Keep Your Pets Safe During the Holiday Season With the holiday season around the corner, everybody is busy with getting presents for their loved ones and putting up decorations. The air is filled with warmth and festivity as we look forward to decorating for the...

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Signs to Watch for Take Your Dog to the Veterinarian

Signs to Watch for Take Your Dog to the Veterinarian No two dog breeds are the same, especially when it comes to health matters. Health issues for dogs vary from common illnesses such as ear infections to various forms of cancer. The size of your dog makes a...

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Why Cats Do the Things they Do

Why Cats Do the Things they Do Cats are fascinating creatures. For centuries the feline mystique has intrigued us with their independence while captivating us with some of their very odd behaviours. Well odd to us; in the cat world it is probably considered quite...

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Barbeque Dangers for your Pet

Barbeque Dangers for your Pet Summer in the Okanagan brings with it lots of fun outdoor activities. After a fun day of activity it is time for a cookout with family, friends, and your pets. Pawsitive Veterinary Care is your vet in Kelowna and wants to ensure you and...

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6 warning signs to watch for heatstroke in your dog

6 Warning Signs To Watch For Heatstroke In Your Dog The summer heat of the Okanagan has finally arrived. As we feel the heat climb outdoors, consider what it must feel like to continuously wear a fur covering. You may not know this, our furry friends are also...

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The Spay/Neuter Conundrum (Long version)

The Spay/Neuter Conundrum (Long version) Nowadays, traditional spaying and neutering of your dog, also known as altering, is not necessarily the absolute thing to do. Deciding on whether or not to alter and, if so, when, can make a difference in their long-term...

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