A refreshing approach to your pets Health Care

Holistic therapies, blended when necessary

with conventional medicines and diagnostics

What is a holistic vet?

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Kelowna veterinary clinic


Pawsitive Veterinary Care is a Kelowna vet that offers a refreshing approach to your pets Health Care.


Kelowna veterinary clinic


Dr. Moira and her staff provide an innovated holistic approach for your pets care you can trust!


Kelowna veterinary clinic


Welcome to our Kelowna Vet Clinics! Feel relaxed before you arrive with your loved pet.


Why Choose A Holistic Vet?

Holistic veterinary medicine is growing in leaps and bounds as it has shown time and again that it can help improve your pet’s quality of life.

Holistic medicine refers to complimentary and alternative therapies– but also includes routine care– to encompass the whole patient and whole picture.

A more appropriate term to describe holistic veterinary care might be “integrative medicine” as, while there is a primary focus on non-conventional therapies, there is no fear in using conventional medicine and procedures if and when they are indicated. Contact us today your Kelowna Veterinary Clinic.

Integrative medicine combines the two

Have you ever wondered if there is a vet near me that is more than just another Kelowna animal hospital? have you ever considered taking your pet to a holistic vet in Kelowna? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you need to talk to Pawsitive Veterinary Care today.

That is because we are not your average Kelowna pet hospital. In addition to offering the latest treatments using the most advanced techniques, this Kelowna veterinary clinic takes a very holisitic approach to your pet’s care. While we do offer more convential methods at our Kelowna animal hospital, we are also aware of, and offer, alternative treatments as we see fit. What other Kelowna veterinary clinic offers that?