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Compassion Without Borders Mission

Our mission is to provide brighter futures for animals in need on both sides of the border. We focus our efforts where the need is the greatest in areas animals have limited helped due to financial, geographic, and cultural barriers.

Programs include a dog rescue program from Mexico and the Central Valley.  We are set up to give free veterinary wellness and spay/neuter clinics in under developed communities on both sides of the border. Dog rescue program also provides a humane euthanasia program in Mexico. We are working towards stopping electrocution which is a common method for killing unwanted animals south of the border.

Who is Compassion Without Boarders

Christi and Moncho Camblor founded Compassion Without Boarders (CWOB) was founded in 2001. They brought with them the vision to deliver a brighter future to animals in need on both sides of the border. Compassion Without Boarders programs bring a multifaceted approach to reach animals in need our four areas; Mexico Dog Rescue, US Dog Rescue, Veterinary Wellness Clinics & Spay/Neuter Services. We actively participate with other rescue groups in both the United States and Mexico by providing outreach for humane rescue education & training by way of seminars.

What Compassion Without Boarders Provides

Compassion Without Boarders brings a brighter future to animals in need on both sides of the border from Mexico to the Central Valley. Our programs directly bring lifesaving veterinary care, spay/neuter and rescue to the animals who need us for the most care.

The programs we have set up include; Central Valley Rescue, Mexico Dog Rescue, Local Veterinary Wellness Clinics, and Mexican Veterinary Wellness and Spay/Neuter programs.

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